Ironman 2017 - New Route! New Date!

Things are changing for 2017! The Ironman race is moving a large portion of the race route to the Hardy Toll Road, lightening up the impact on The Woodlands and coming earlier!

The Woodlands has been home to the Ironman triathlon for several years and in 2017 will offer 75 qualifying slots to the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. That’s brought recognition and huge economic returns to our community, but the impact on local residents hasn’t always been easy.

For 2017, the race has rented out the Toll Road (and, yes, the Southbound side will be closed for a few hours very early that morning) for the bike route. Mark your calendars for April 22, 2017 – almost a month earlier than previous years. Conflicts with graduations and other mid-May events will no longer be an issue, but don’t let the new date catch you off guard!

Here are maps for the proposed routes for 2017 you'll find at

Ironman 2017 The Woodlands Proposed Swim Course

Ironman 2017 The Woodlands Proposed Bike Course

Ironman 2017 The Woodlands Proposed Run Course

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